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Here About The Amazing Confidence Breakthroughs From The Mastermind Members Themselves!

Before the mastermind her self-worth was completely attached to her career success. She became ill with stress and burn out before she joined the mastermind. She increased her confidence and completely transformed her health, relationships, and life. She is even starting her own business!

"I have genuine confidence now!"
Before the mastermind Jeff was terrified of being seen and frequently had panic attacks. He completely reorganized his business and it’s now growing 15% per year. He is now a leader in the office. He is also pursuing a healthy, mindful and passionate relationship.

"I''m a leader in the office now."
Dagmar was paralyzed with fear and was unable to get herself into action. She is now pursuing her life-long dream of teaching students to sew as well as creating her own fashion line.

"With the support of the mastermind, I have been able to take consistent action!"
Greg used to be intimidated by others and struggled with social anxiety. With the support of the mastermind, Greg was able to commit to the love of his life and get married. He also moved to a new city to pursue a more fulfilling job after feeling stuck in his prior “safe” job for so long.

"I committed to a relationship and got married!"
Anelle felt left out. She saw others connecting with ease and wanted that experience for herself but social anxiety stood in the way. Throughout her time in the mastermind she has learned how to connect with others confidently and date with freedom and joy.

"I invested in this program and I’ve felt incredible ever since."
Stefan used to feel extremely self-conscious around others. Through his work in the mastermind he was able to exit a relationship that wasn't serving him, speak with his father about childhood issues, and feel confident in dating without alcohol.

"I'm now outspoken, direct, and take risks because I believe in myself!"

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